Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bringing back an older post...

I first posted this back in September 2010 and thought it would be a good idea to bring it back up top now, given that the GOP clown car field are trying to out Christian each other.

I give you Paul Harvey's Letter from God:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forget about the racist card, Cain pulls the victim card...

(image from and I encourage EVERYONE to visit that blog!)

After trying to play the “I do not recall” explanation, then changing his “recollection” almost hour by hour while, at the same time, pulling the “racist card”, Herman Cain finds himself sinking into a swamp of his own making without even water wings to help.
What to do? What to do???
Take a page from Sarah Palin's playbook! Pull out that tattered, dog-eared and soiled “victim card”!
YES! He admits there was one, maybe two “incidents” back in the 90s, but HE is the victim because some nefarious political opponent camp is daring to SMEAR him with FACTS!.
How low can someone go when they have to rely on actual facts to “smear” such a sterling and totally qualified candidate for President?
Here's your modern day GOP!
Hey Herman (can I call ya “Herb”?), welcome to the Major Leagues!
Worst of all this was the attempt to throw poor Mrs. Cain to the Fox “News” wolves to mitigate this disaster.
Fox would have been Mrs. Cain's easiest interviews.
Apparently, Mrs. Cain has standards that she won't throw out the window for the sake of a book tour masquerading as a bona fide Presidential campaign, so she has canceled the scheduled interview with Greta the Sarah Palin BFF.
Good for you, Mrs. Cain!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The GOP first team

Good grief, what do we have to work with?
Herman Cain is at the top with his Pizza King experience (how much do those employees make and do any of them have a good retirement plan?) and THEN this completely stupid SimCity 9-9-9 tax plan?
THAT'S the best the GOP has right now?
Oh wait! There's Mitt Romney! He was FOR things before he was against them. And apparently he, along with the only sane GOP candidate Huntsman, is a Mormon who's religious tenets call for taking over governments and baptizing Holocaust victims after the fact AND also have all Mormon women being "validated" by their husbands and fathers before they can be accepted into "eternal life" after death. I won't hold my breath...
And then there's Michele "crazy eyes" Bachmann who makes NO SENSE at all but her husband does a great job as her stylist and praying away the gay.
Rick Santorum? Oh, puleeze... what a douche.
Newt Gingrich just wants to sell his books and parade his third trophy wife until SHE gets cancer and then he can find a new one. And, REALLY? Her name is Callista? How Roman society can we go with THAT joke?
Ron Paul... the perennial non-candidate. Good grief, you don't represent the real people, give it up already!
OK, there's Perry, the Christian in name only whose wife is now the victimista in the name of Christianity and motherhood that was formerly known as Sarah Palin!
What a bunch of jokers.
Only thing that would make this more fun is if Sarah the Error Palin would toss her hair into the hat.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Omigawd! Class Warfare!

Omigawd! Class Warfare!
The corporate apologists, also known as the Republican leadership and minions in DC, are all aflutter and swooning with the vapors over President Obama's hard line stance on the jobs bill.

Let's recap, shall we?
Increase taxes on the wealthy?
But we're "job creators"! We can't create the minimum wage (or less) jobs if we have to pay taxes, give us a freakin' break!
After all, St. Leona Helmsley (bless her tiny, shriveled, dead heart) had already decreed that taxes are for the "little people", not people like us.
Tax our private jets?
Excuse, me! I should be forced to mingle with the sweaty, grumpy, TSA groped common people? I don't think so! And I shouldn't have to pay extra just to not have to listen to that grumbling.
We're job creators (redux)!
Those whiners should be grateful to have the opportunity to work for me for low wages, no safe work environment and no benefits. If one job isn't enough, get a second one! Put your otherwise worthless children to work, too. There's a reason why we insist those fetuses be protected! We need that cheap labor (and eventually cannon fodder) and we need those taxes they pay (and yes, we know they pay taxes even though publicly we bold-face lie and say they don't).

I read at the UK Daily Mail today that the American middle class is being "attacked" with this jobs bill. The American middle class at the DM is apparently defined as any single person making more than $200,000 a year and a married couple making more than $250,000. Wow! I know just a handful of people who are that definition of "middle class". Most people I know make $50,000 or less (and most of them make $25,000 or less).
The thing that these Republican economic brainiacs still haven't figured out is that our economy is consumer driven. When the average family is just trying to fuel their vehicle to get to work, put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, there is no disposable income left to drive the consumer demand economy.
I haven't bought a new vehicle since the 1980s because I refuse to take out a car loan for a piece of locomotion that costs more than my house and loses value the minute I sign the loan papers and drive it off the lot. I would adore to have a new vehicle, but with the Republicans holding the economy hostage, I don't take on any debt. And, by the time I have enough saved up to buy a new vehicle outright, shit happens. Actually, I pretty much could do that right now, except my water heater quit working over the weekend and I've gotten rather fond of having hot water on tap, elitist that I am, so I spent $400 on a new water heater. Who knows when the next emergency purchase will pop up? Nice to have some money socked away instead of having to load up a credit card.
Oh, and unemployment benefits fuel local economies. Small businesses like grocery stores, gas stations, and other local mom and pop businesses. Too bad, so sad that THOSE small businesses aren't too big to fail.

So, here's the deal you "job creators" screaming class warfare: as soon as you stop thinking of the 99% of us "little people" as a disposable commodity and the "class enemy", we'll start taking you seriously.

In the meantime, clutch your pearls, take your "class warfare", and runaway to hide in your gated communities.
We're really not that much into you anymore.

Read another excellent post on this topic at Planet POV Embracing Class Warfare

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Pawlenty Challenge!

Mowerman, start your machine!

Hey wannabe Republican president nominee, I’ll take you up on your challenge what is Barack Obama’s plan for Social Security, et al.

My President has had a plan for quite a while, even if you don’t like it and refuse to recognize the record.

I don’t need you to come to my house to cook me dinner, but I’ll take option B, mowing my lawn. I’ll even be kind and limit myself to the one-acre you offered to Mitt Romney.
Bring a BIG mower, you’ll need it.

In the meantime, please explain how well financial conservative limited government worked out so well with that pesky I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota. Oh, sorry, you’re the victim and it wasn't YOUR fault! It was that big bad bloated federal government. Yeah, right. YOU killed and traumatized the taxpayers and citizens of YOUR state because YOU were too cheap to invest in infrastructure (dog forbid you even worried about living wage jobs in Minnesota).

In any event, I await your arrival with a BIG mower (hopefully it will mow and also bale hay, which I can really use come this winter). Oh, I'm in eastern Kentucky, the "lawn" is NOT flat. Just letting you know...

[h/t image to MN Progressive Project]

Oh, Post-It note to myself: don’t hold my breath...
Hope springs eternal unless one lives in an America where corporations are "people" and people are "disposable".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smug asses

Well, McConnell, Paul, and the rest of you asshats who are happy (not) for you to get a five week vacation while you are so gleeful about screwing the American workers and those who have lost their jobs and homes since GWB and as a result of the machinations of your corporate sponsors.

I do indeed understand you will enjoy your vacation ... while the rest of us who do indeed work do NOT get those vacations ... and the rest you call slackers because they refuse to take minimum wage (or less!) without benefits.

Hey! How about y'all work for minimum wage with no benefits like you think we should be grateful to get? You hate "big government" put your money where you big flapping mouths are! Work for minimum wage and no benefits.

That's what I work for. And I pay taxes (making less than $15,000 a year). I pay federal taxes (income, SS, Medicare, and self-employment), Kentucky state income taxes. I'm fortunate that my spouse got one of those stimulus jobs that you insist that not ONE job was created... but spouse got one and, after 10 years, we have employer-provided health insurance but it costs us $600 a month plus a huge deductible and co-pays. Bet YOU don't have anything close to THAT!

ALSO! I am sick and tired of hearing about these rich "job creators". Where the hell have they been since 2002? They haven't created a single job, just hoarding more and more money (just like YOU!)

STFU about how you got the WIN on this deal. You got the deal for YOU and your corporate masters, not for us who pay your salary, benefits and pension.

How are you going to get that when you put us working class out of work?

Oh, and the economy? I have a savings account at my locally-owned bank. They have an "interest calculator" that uses 5% as the default on the calculator. I haven't seen 5% interest on a savings account since the 60s/70s. My savings account interest right now is 0.1% annual. I should be thankful for THAT???

I won't hold my breath.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My President is the grownup in DC...

John Boehner is throwing the "blank check" card at my President?
When it was GWB who stole a credit card to fund two wars and give away billions to war contractors associated to Blackwater (aka Watkins pyramid crap and Cheney oil war for profits)and NEVER put that in the federal budget? And the asshat Republicans are blaming THAT on President Obama?
Give me a freaking break!
The Republicans want to cut "entitlements". Hell! The entitlements are the hedge fund people, the big bankers, the oil companies and everyone who pay NOTHING near what us "little people" pay.
The Republicans keep telling us working people that we need to cut down on our expenses, find new revenue sources (read=take a second and even third job at minimum wage and NO benefits and be grateful for the opportunity to be a serf).
But the Republicans in the House & Senate think that suggesting the hedge fund peeps, the big banks, the oil companies...what THEY claim are "small businesses" are being "harassed" because we want them to pay the same percentage the rest of us pay.
My President is the grownup. He laid it out plain and simple. The Republicans have been loud and clear since January 2009... President Obama is a one-term president according to the GOP, but he represents WE THE PEOPLE, and the Republican Party just can't have that because their corporate masters say so.
Give me a freakin break...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

After a month of mourning...

Miss my dogs, but after a month of mourning, I'm ready to get back into the fray.
But since it is our country's birthday, I'll just keep this post upbeat and positive.
For many, it's the Fourth of July; a day of parades, flying flags, family get-togethers, fireworks and (to many) a day off from work!
For me, it's always been Independence Day.
Maybe I'm nitpicking, but it's a subtle distinction of semantics.
Maybe because I come from immigrant stock on one side of my family that mostly wasn't particularly welcome in America.
My father's people were Irish, who came in waves during the early through mid 1800s. It's been a while, and I'll forgive people who don't remember "Irish need not apply" for job openings. I do have an ancestral Irish relation who was a fairly high-profile and well-known Civil War general, who was also military post-CW, but most were laborers, roughnecks and general ne'er-do-wells.
My mother's family were Czech and Romany. (My father's Irish mother thought that my mother's immigrant father was not quite "up to snuff" socially, despite the fact that he was a very successful furrier in the NYC area.)
In any event, my immigrant ancestors came to America for one very specific reason: Independence! A real opportunity to rise up to potential or even beyond any expectations ever thought of in the "old country".
This Independence Day, I'm feeling more than a little distressed at the direction my beloved country is taking.
My new state senator Rand Paul To Unemployed: Quit Whining And Get Back To Work.
"As bad as it sounds, ultimately we do have to sometimes accept a wage that's less than we had at our previous job in order to get back to work and allow the economy to get started again," he said. "Nobody likes that, but it may be one of the tough love things that has to happen."
Rand Paul also keeps flip-flopping on the question of a federally mandated minimum wage.
And, just yesterday Rand Paul made this incredibly silver spoon elitist comment on CNN "It's not that we will have equal outcome. In fact, the American dream is that those who work harder and those who merit it will have unequal outcomes, that they will gain more of whatever the American dream is."
Those who "merit" it? MERIT???
Give me a break.
By the way, brings us back to your earlier point about how we should be sooo grateful accepting a wage LESS than our previous job while the cost of living keeps increasing exponentially to the benefit of corporations.
Hey Senator! How about we change it so that EVERY Senator and Congresscritter works for the federal minimum wage? I work for minimum wage on my non-farm job, my farm job works out to be about 30 cents an hour last time I figured it out.
Oh! And NO benefits! No vacation, no sick days, and CERTAINLY no health insurance or pension. Let's see how much you "merit" anything.
And that brings me back in a roundabout way to Independence Day.
In the "old country" my ancestors came to America fleeing monarchies and dictatorships and lives of heart-aching, back-breaking toil for no reward. (Oops! I guess there's that's pesky "merit" thing...)
It's a very sad state of affairs that the USA I grew up in fought huge battles for equal rights, for equal opportunity for EVERY American, but the GOP is more than delighted to hand over "independence" to corporations and Wall Street.
Still, it remains "Independence Day" for me, no matter how some on the extreme right want to rewrite American history.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

tonight we say goodbye to Magnolia

Maggie left for the Rainbow Bridge a couple of hours ago. I'm sure Hogger is there to welcome her.

Maggie as a puppy when she first showed up on the farm so many years ago:

Maggie fighting with a Kleenix box:

She discovers flowers:

Maggie with spouse (she thought she was still just a puppy!)

and Mags a few years ago in her prime:

Miss you so much now Magnolia...but will never forget you.

Again, there are most times more important in life than politics and media whores.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No politics tonight. I say goodbye to one of my best friends.

Sometimes things just overwhelm petty politics.

Today I had to sadly say goodbye to my 15-year-old dog who has suffered from cancer but lived life the best he could to the end:

It's not just Hogger I am weeping for tonight, it's also his mom, whom we lost in February, and Little Ellis who left us last winter. And Magnolia, who is also elderly special needs, who will most likely be leaving us soon as well.

Girliedog, Hogger's mom

Hogger & Ellis

When Ellis came to live with us, Hogger really believed we got him a puppy all for himself!

Left us a few years ago, but remembered well:
CD, Hogger's father who left us a few years ago from a similar cancer. Have you ever seen a sweeter face? He was a full-bred pitbull.

Magnolia, who is desperately trying to recover from a grand mal seizure out of nowhere last week and is desperately trying to regain control of her back legs:

And also Fawnskinmudpuppy who said goodbye to Oreo today as well.

We only have our furrybabies on loan for a short while, but what we get in return is more love than we probably deserve, and we are so much MUCH better for that short time shared.

Some links for the furrbutt moms & dads who have said good bye or are reaching that point.

Til Then

Saying Goodbye

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge (Sarah McLachlan)

ETA: (h/T to High Peaks at Palingates)
A statement made just about four years ago by Gretchen Jackson, co-owner of Barbaro, the horse who was injured during the 2006 Preakness and later died. She said at the time "Grief is the price we all pay for love."
What she said made a huge impression on me and I tacked a copy of this statement up on my fridge so I would continue to think about it over time. I don’t think any of us would change this equation, even if we could. To not grieve would render our love meaningless, and to not love would consign us to a life of constant, if low-level grief.
I think all of us who have loved a cat or a dog or a person we later lost would agree, that the pain of loss, however acute and ongoing it may be, is but a tiny fraction of the joy that our love brought us and our loved one over the years. There are millions of lonely shelter cats and dogs, not to mention many lonely people who could have some of that same joy in their lives if we would only stop to realize that both the grief and the love are something we as humans should learn to celebrate. The love always trumps the grief, because while we only grieve after a loss, we continue to love that which we have lost forever.

ok, a couple more videos:
Paws Over the Bridge (Please Stay Just a Little Bit Longer)

I Loved You Best

Monday, May 30, 2011

Who is the REAL leader?

While Sarah Palin crashes the Rolling Thunder event by cutting in front of the front of the line 30 minutes late and seriously elbowing her way between two Rolling thunder veterans because she saw a microphone and didn't do anything for the POW/MIA except saying she loves smelling the Harley "emissions".

In real life, our President was in Joplin, Missouri:

President Obama in Joplin

sadly, our President has Cantor saying natural disasters need a spending cut (read=Medicare/Social Security)... GOP assholes...

and abroad, our President speaking to the British Parliament:
President Obama addressing British Parliament
and the CNN peeps say it's a "New World Order" and CNN is going all over that crap.
'nuf said.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Waiting for the Rapture

I'm waiting for the Rapture but not holding my breath.
It's 6 p.m. somewhere soon.
Waiting for the Tommyknockers...
but not holding my breath and heading off to sleep knowing that tomorrow is going to come yet again.
I hope there will be cupcakes & ice cream on Sunday for those of us left behind...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Values

OK, we now have Arnold's blockbuster 13-year-old son born via a family employee.

John Edwards has a child by his videographer.

Newt Gringrich on his third wife (who looks like some sort of blow-up f***me doll... good grief, is Callista in her 40s??? She looks horrible).

Got Mark Sanford from SC who tried to convince everyone that the Appalachia Trail was actually somewhere in Argentina.

John Ensign thought he was above family values with his affairs and drug his parents into the entire mess. Not to mention Sen. Coburn and the rest of the "C Street" Family gang of manly Christian family values asshats and how it's ok for them, the wives should just sit down and STFU and take it, standing quietly behind their men with a pained expression.

OK, FDR & JFK were players, but that still doesn't make it right.

But they didn't play the family values card.

I'm beyond disgusted now. And I call bullshit on all of them.

Including the Palin alternate reality of family values.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When does the insanity stop?

I was all set to go off on a rant about the fake reality show presidential candidate pretender D'Trump and how the media went on a feeding frenzy over his vague and repetitive Obama birther nonsense, but decided it wasn't worth the effort because D'Trump is a silly man who thinks wearing roadkill on his head makes him irresistible to foreign women.

Moments ago, I was alerted to a citizen journalism site PolitiScoop and O.M.G. (h/t PMom_GA) It's even worse than the Diebold nightmare debacle.


Breaking News Out of Waukesha County Wisconsin -- This being reported from witnesses on the ground in Waukesha

"At around 2:15pm, we were ready to open the bags for Delafield. There were three bags total. Bags 1 & 2 were fine. The numbers all matched up. When we got to bag 3, we found out that the bag #3 was NOT RECORDED ON THE INSPECTOR'S statement...! The Republican canvass person said we could assume that the clerk forgot to write the # down on the inspector's statement and we could proceed. Of course, this is a break in the chain of custody!..."

"...that we're talking thousands of votes (I think she said 10,000). I don't know how many votes we're talking here, but this is very suspicious. Why couldn't the judge wait? Why did they open # 3 first? Darcy said the judge was in the hall talking to Kevin Kennedy about it. I had to leave, I was too upset."

It's time to stand up and say enough is enough!

The right to vote is a duty & privilege in the USA and I, for one, am sick and tired of all this after the fact shady crap that changes election results.

Yes, I am talking to YOU Koch Brothers!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birth Certificate insanity

I am soooo tired of this Obama birth certificate insanity.
Some states have legislation in progress that will require an ORIGINAL birth certificate for anyone running for president in 2012.
Guess what?
NO ONE will be able to produce an ORIGINAL birth certificate!
I was born during the Truman administration and my parents didn't get an ORIGINAL birth certificate for me because there is only ONE original birth certificate, and THAT is filed with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (aka Bureau of Vital Statistics).
I do remember seeing an early copy of my birth certificate... it was a white on black microfiche copy with a raised seal on it (much like a notary seal). That copy has been lost lo these many decades. What I have gotten from Kentucky when needed (ie for my passport and subsequent passport renewals) has been something very similar to what President Obama produced.
There are NO footprints. No doctor's name. No hospital (although I do know I was born at the Ft. Campbell military hospital, but my official, legal, BC just says Ft. Campbell). None of the tiny detritus the birthers demand.
For transparency, I do recall a certificate that indicated that I had silver nitrate applied to my eyes at birth (apparently back then, silver nitrate was a precaution against some sort of Neonatal conjunctivitis that is caused by an infection with bacteria or viruses can be very serious. The most common bacterial infections that can cause serious eye damage are gonorrhea (Neisseria gonorrhea) and chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis), which can be passed from mother to child during birth.) Maybe they still do it, I don't know. But that might have been on the commemorative hospital thing. Who knows? It's not on my legal birth certificate copy that I now have.
Poor me! I can never run for president because I don't have some sort of "long form" ORIGINAL birth certificate.
And no one else in America has one either.
Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Orley Taitz and the rest of you crazy people... sit down and STFU.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown, REALLY?

Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell & Geoff Davis:
Please tell me why you hate the working people of Kentucky?
Please tell me WHY those of us who are desperately treading water as middle class paying YOUR huge salaries and benefits and letting the government shut down because it doesn't mean jackshit to you. YOU still get a paycheck.
Tell me how the stimulus hasn't produced ANY jobs, even though my spouse got one of those stimulus jobs in October and spent this week restoring power for people in the Carolinas while I sat here on my eastern Kentucky farm all by myself dealing with storm damage.
Please tell me why you support defunding Planned Parenthood? I desperately needed PP in the 60s and 70s for basic women's healthcare because I did not have health insurance and was working as a waitress for 60 cents an hour plus tips. It was NOT free, I paid on a sliding scale. It might have been a few dollars per visit, but I PAID! And it saved my life. I eventually got a master's degree (which I paid for all by myself) and have been paying into the system ever since, which brings me to:
Raiding SS & Medicare? REALLY??? I saw what happened to my private retirement savings when Wall Street got bailed out. I certainly did NOT see a bailout for me! Privatizing SS is a no starter for me and vouchers for Medicare? Give me a freakin break!
Defund NPR? What is THAT about? What about the "Christian" Liberty University that got loads more federal money in Pell grants than NPR EVER got? Separation of church & state anyone? Oh, sorry, ABORTION is the budget buster.
Dismantle EPA? Please! I live near several coal fired plants on the Ohio River and near coal mining areas. We have been told since the 1960s that we can't eat fish we catch from the Ohio River! The coal companies are so non-regulated that crap spews out all the time destroying our rivers, streams and water table, and on top of THAT Rand Paul wants to get rid of all mining regulations (even for black lung victims!)
Stop listening to the retired Tea Party lunatics! LISTEN to the rest of us who are still working (hopefully) who are paying the benefits for the Tea Party (and for YOU who is getting the financial benefit of Big Government) and STOP listening to the Koch Brothers and Big Business.
There are a lot more of us who are paying YOUR salary and bills.
Actually, should the federal government shut down, I don't think I'll notice any difference since I don't see any federal government for me anymore other than collecting taxes to pay for stuff that other people get a benefit from (like Bush/Cheney buddy military contractors who have NO oversight and don't pay taxes).
Thank you so much, NOT.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Crushing Debt"

Tea Party, Boehner & GOP keep harping on the "crushing debt for our children and grandchildren". And the TP are gleefully screaming "shut the government down!!!"
Got a question for you eejits!
Who's responsible for the "crushing debt" that I am being held hostage for? I'm a baby boomer who will be 59 years old this year. I've been paying into the Social Security & Medicare since the 1960s (my first job was in high school as a dishwasher for a local restaurant for the extravagant pay of 30 cents an hour!)
And what is the problem you have with funding education??? Is it that you soooo enjoy an ignorant, uneducated, can't think for themselves electorate?
Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rand Paul in 2012? oh good grief...

Only months old, the baby freshman US Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul is testing the waters for a presidental run in 2012!

The Atlantic.

And why does he think he's qualified?

Rand Paul the People's Hero (breathlessly proclaimed by the so-called Christian News Wire)

Well! Barack Obama was a first term US Senator and it worked for him! No matter that President Obama was a state senator in Illinois before that!

A Texas carpetbagging eye doctor who came to Kentucky didn't like the accreditation process in Kentucky so he created his own accreditation group (not recognized anywhere else and run by his family) and THEN campaigned on cutting out entitlements for everyone else EXCEPT for eye doctors like him who get more than half their income from entitlement sources like Medicare and Medicaid.

Oh, and Rand Paul will bring the "white" back to the "White House". And the redistribution of wealth back where it should be: into the pockets of the wealthy.

OTOH, if entitlement programs are cut, where oh where will "Dr." Paul find his meal ticket? Oh, I forgot. He's taking taxpayer money for a salary now.

Hypocrite of the highest order. And so are any Kentuckians who ever vote for him again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

rich vs everyone else

Center for American Progress has an excellent graphic (with sources) to illustrate Tax Breaks vs. Budget Cuts.

"The chart below compares the 10 safety-net programs slated for deep cuts with the cost of the tax breaks that should also be considered for reduction or elimination to bring the budget into balance. The column on the left is a list of safety-net programs that have already been targets of the House leadership’s budget ax. The column on the right is the cost to specified tax breaks (see bottom of page for sources)."
(Please visit the Center for American Progress link above to see the eye-opening chart.)

h / t to politicalgates and Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Huckabee, stop digging already!

Earlier this week, Mike "I'm not running for president but pay attention anyway" Huckabee attacked Natalie Portman for being a unwed preggers (and "proud/glamorizing single motherhood) Hollywood "starlet".

First off, "Hollywood starlets" are generally NOT Oscar winners. And just as an aside, Mikey, Natalie is an Israeli/American who was born in Jerusalem. Just so you can have that little factoid next time you spout crap.

Anyway, Mikey tried to backtrack his comments on Friday and just made it worse.

He said
"My comments were about the statistical reality that most single moms are very poor, under-educated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death. That's the story that we're not seeing, and it's unfortunate that society often glorifies and glamorizes the idea of having children out of wedlock."

Good freaking gravy gopher guts, Mike!

Do you actually BELIEVE that most single moms CHOOSE to be single moms?
REALLY? Are you THAT freakin clueless???

Most single moms I know were battered wives who left the "sanctity of marriage" to save her life and the lives of her children.

Other single moms I know are war widows. Yep! Those shameful single moms whose husbands went off to war and now they are sucking at the public teets on the backs of the taxpayers.

More other single moms I know were abandoned by their "sanctified by marriage" Christian husbands for a younger, hotter and/or richer model (just ask Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, Mark Sanford, John McCain, and on and on).

I also went to high school back in the late 1960s with a sweet but quietly Christian who was raped by her Christian father numerous times and gave birth multiple times and she never graduated. She was the oldest of five daughters and her father raped the younger girls as well. And the entire family lived in a short Airstream trailer on the side of the back road not even a mile from my house. A child raped by a family member should just sit down and shut up and give birth. sigh...

Give this "sanctified by marriage" crap a rest! Christian-sanctified is a freakin joke. I know gay partners who have lived decades in solid, proven, loving and monogamous relationships. I can't say the same for the Christian families I've know for the more than half century I've lived.

Mike Huckabee, I am very impressed with your guitar skills, but your "Christian values" leave a lot to be desired. Jesus would be ashamed.

Someone intervene and take Mike's shovel away. The hole he's digging is already too deep.

Oh, Mike... How about you explain this to Sarah about Bristol....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

[[ head bang ]]

Just what the heck are the Republicans doing?
Bad enough that they are vilifying union workers in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere (oooh! those union workers are SOOOO overpaid & compensated. oh yeah, I want police officers, firefighters and teachers working for minimum wage and no benefits in a free market society!!!!)

But the latest Republican insanity is Speaker of the House John Boehner refusing to approve allowing the remains of Frank Buckles of West Virginia, 110 years old and the LAST surviving American WWI veteran (and was ALSO a WWII POW!), to have a Capitol Rotunda ceremony. Boehner insists that Congress must "debate" it first.

I suppose it's all good. Buckles lasted 110 years already. He's dead now and isn't a "burden" on the VA or Medicare or Social Security anymore. No rush at all.


And Boehner's House and the rest of the Republicans have more important things to focus on like jobs gutting social programs and busting unions and attacking women's rights and giving tax breaks to big business (and they did such a GREAT job creating jobs during GWB's tax breaks...not)

I just sent emails to Geoff Davis, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul telling them how disgusted I am and encouraging them to stop this obstructionism. I encourage everyone else to contact their Representative and Senators in DC.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

thanks for nothing

ok, the House Republicans are high-fiving each other over their huge win to repeal the job-killing "Obamacare".
How nice for them!
I had a chat with a friend last night whose family's health insurance was canceled.
They have been desperately trying to find a new insurance carrier and think they have found one "willing" to cover them, for $900/month premiums and a $15,000 deductible.
WOW!!! How thoughtfully generous that is! $25,800 a year to the insurance company before there is ANY payout!
Geoff Davis, who voted for the repeal, and both of you allegedly representing me in the Senate, Mitch McConnell & Rand Paul, YOU are all completely disgusting.
Go ahead and continue siding with the REAL death panels that are insurance companies.
I know how it's so easy for you guys, you got yours, screw the rest of us.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Enough is enough!

What part of incendiary rhetoric don't the Republican Party get?

Sarah Palin STILL has her crosshairs (sorry, they are NOT surveyor marks no matter what her poodle RAM says) map on her Facebook page.

I am sick and tired of all the violent rhetoric, the gun-toting fat ass white men who show up at public events because the "second amendment sez I has a RIGHT to open carry!!!"

Makes me sick to my stomach.

What part of a gun is a substitute for what is missing in anatomy or self-esteem?

And why has it become a Republican/Tea Party point of pride to be anti-intelligent? Anti-public school? Anti-educated?

I am so sick & tired of this nonsense.

More tomorrow because the crazy just gets crazier.