Thursday, March 3, 2011

[[ head bang ]]

Just what the heck are the Republicans doing?
Bad enough that they are vilifying union workers in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere (oooh! those union workers are SOOOO overpaid & compensated. oh yeah, I want police officers, firefighters and teachers working for minimum wage and no benefits in a free market society!!!!)

But the latest Republican insanity is Speaker of the House John Boehner refusing to approve allowing the remains of Frank Buckles of West Virginia, 110 years old and the LAST surviving American WWI veteran (and was ALSO a WWII POW!), to have a Capitol Rotunda ceremony. Boehner insists that Congress must "debate" it first.

I suppose it's all good. Buckles lasted 110 years already. He's dead now and isn't a "burden" on the VA or Medicare or Social Security anymore. No rush at all.


And Boehner's House and the rest of the Republicans have more important things to focus on like jobs gutting social programs and busting unions and attacking women's rights and giving tax breaks to big business (and they did such a GREAT job creating jobs during GWB's tax breaks...not)

I just sent emails to Geoff Davis, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul telling them how disgusted I am and encouraging them to stop this obstructionism. I encourage everyone else to contact their Representative and Senators in DC.


  1. I'm amazed you're a Republican! The last Republicans that I respected are long gone from the party. But thanks for paying tribute to Mr. Buckles. As for Boehner, I suspect his orange colouring is due to cirrhosis of the liver, thanks to his drinking habits. Ordinarily, I wouldn't wish harm on anyone, and I won't wish harm on Mr. Boehner either. I'll just say I hope it IS cirrhosis.

  2. I'm a Republican only because I live in eastern KY where ALL local elections are determined in the primary elections in May. If I was a Dem or Independent (actually, I have always been an indie) I wouldn't have any say in local elected offices. The Dems in my county are just so lame (and I'm being kind saying that) and also outnumbered horrendously.
    Thanks for visiting the blog!

  3. Good post. It's heartening to see moderate Republicans speaking out. It must be appalling for you to see what's being done to your party. Mr. Buckles has a right to better treatment from the people who are always eager to send young men to war.

  4. ty actcrabby.
    I am sooo angry about this. You should have seen my FIRST draft!