Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rand Paul in 2012? oh good grief...

Only months old, the baby freshman US Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul is testing the waters for a presidental run in 2012!

The Atlantic.

And why does he think he's qualified?

Rand Paul the People's Hero (breathlessly proclaimed by the so-called Christian News Wire)

Well! Barack Obama was a first term US Senator and it worked for him! No matter that President Obama was a state senator in Illinois before that!

A Texas carpetbagging eye doctor who came to Kentucky didn't like the accreditation process in Kentucky so he created his own accreditation group (not recognized anywhere else and run by his family) and THEN campaigned on cutting out entitlements for everyone else EXCEPT for eye doctors like him who get more than half their income from entitlement sources like Medicare and Medicaid.

Oh, and Rand Paul will bring the "white" back to the "White House". And the redistribution of wealth back where it should be: into the pockets of the wealthy.

OTOH, if entitlement programs are cut, where oh where will "Dr." Paul find his meal ticket? Oh, I forgot. He's taking taxpayer money for a salary now.

Hypocrite of the highest order. And so are any Kentuckians who ever vote for him again.

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