Monday, November 22, 2010

Party of NO, just go away already!

Good freaking grief..why don't all of you old fart Republicans (and yes, I'm talking to YOU Mitch McConnell) just take an extended nap already?

Stop with the NO!!!!\
Stop with the "our goal is to make President Obama a one-term president".
Stop this nonsense about the tax breaks for the wealthy...if the wealthy would create jobs they would have done THAT when GWB gave them the tax breaks...those of us waiting for those jobs are NOT holding our breaths because they COULD have done that during GWB NOT throw that crap at President Obama!

STOP this nonsense about affordable healthcare for EVERY American is unconstitutional!!! WTF are you talking about???? YOU'RE life is worth more than mine and my family and YOU have health insurance paid by MY federal income taxes that I do not have!?!?!

Get on the track or get the freaking out of the way McConnell...and Rand Paul...that goes for YOU too!