Thursday, April 28, 2011

When does the insanity stop?

I was all set to go off on a rant about the fake reality show presidential candidate pretender D'Trump and how the media went on a feeding frenzy over his vague and repetitive Obama birther nonsense, but decided it wasn't worth the effort because D'Trump is a silly man who thinks wearing roadkill on his head makes him irresistible to foreign women.

Moments ago, I was alerted to a citizen journalism site PolitiScoop and O.M.G. (h/t PMom_GA) It's even worse than the Diebold nightmare debacle.


Breaking News Out of Waukesha County Wisconsin -- This being reported from witnesses on the ground in Waukesha

"At around 2:15pm, we were ready to open the bags for Delafield. There were three bags total. Bags 1 & 2 were fine. The numbers all matched up. When we got to bag 3, we found out that the bag #3 was NOT RECORDED ON THE INSPECTOR'S statement...! The Republican canvass person said we could assume that the clerk forgot to write the # down on the inspector's statement and we could proceed. Of course, this is a break in the chain of custody!..."

"...that we're talking thousands of votes (I think she said 10,000). I don't know how many votes we're talking here, but this is very suspicious. Why couldn't the judge wait? Why did they open # 3 first? Darcy said the judge was in the hall talking to Kevin Kennedy about it. I had to leave, I was too upset."

It's time to stand up and say enough is enough!

The right to vote is a duty & privilege in the USA and I, for one, am sick and tired of all this after the fact shady crap that changes election results.

Yes, I am talking to YOU Koch Brothers!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birth Certificate insanity

I am soooo tired of this Obama birth certificate insanity.
Some states have legislation in progress that will require an ORIGINAL birth certificate for anyone running for president in 2012.
Guess what?
NO ONE will be able to produce an ORIGINAL birth certificate!
I was born during the Truman administration and my parents didn't get an ORIGINAL birth certificate for me because there is only ONE original birth certificate, and THAT is filed with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (aka Bureau of Vital Statistics).
I do remember seeing an early copy of my birth certificate... it was a white on black microfiche copy with a raised seal on it (much like a notary seal). That copy has been lost lo these many decades. What I have gotten from Kentucky when needed (ie for my passport and subsequent passport renewals) has been something very similar to what President Obama produced.
There are NO footprints. No doctor's name. No hospital (although I do know I was born at the Ft. Campbell military hospital, but my official, legal, BC just says Ft. Campbell). None of the tiny detritus the birthers demand.
For transparency, I do recall a certificate that indicated that I had silver nitrate applied to my eyes at birth (apparently back then, silver nitrate was a precaution against some sort of Neonatal conjunctivitis that is caused by an infection with bacteria or viruses can be very serious. The most common bacterial infections that can cause serious eye damage are gonorrhea (Neisseria gonorrhea) and chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis), which can be passed from mother to child during birth.) Maybe they still do it, I don't know. But that might have been on the commemorative hospital thing. Who knows? It's not on my legal birth certificate copy that I now have.
Poor me! I can never run for president because I don't have some sort of "long form" ORIGINAL birth certificate.
And no one else in America has one either.
Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Orley Taitz and the rest of you crazy people... sit down and STFU.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown, REALLY?

Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell & Geoff Davis:
Please tell me why you hate the working people of Kentucky?
Please tell me WHY those of us who are desperately treading water as middle class paying YOUR huge salaries and benefits and letting the government shut down because it doesn't mean jackshit to you. YOU still get a paycheck.
Tell me how the stimulus hasn't produced ANY jobs, even though my spouse got one of those stimulus jobs in October and spent this week restoring power for people in the Carolinas while I sat here on my eastern Kentucky farm all by myself dealing with storm damage.
Please tell me why you support defunding Planned Parenthood? I desperately needed PP in the 60s and 70s for basic women's healthcare because I did not have health insurance and was working as a waitress for 60 cents an hour plus tips. It was NOT free, I paid on a sliding scale. It might have been a few dollars per visit, but I PAID! And it saved my life. I eventually got a master's degree (which I paid for all by myself) and have been paying into the system ever since, which brings me to:
Raiding SS & Medicare? REALLY??? I saw what happened to my private retirement savings when Wall Street got bailed out. I certainly did NOT see a bailout for me! Privatizing SS is a no starter for me and vouchers for Medicare? Give me a freakin break!
Defund NPR? What is THAT about? What about the "Christian" Liberty University that got loads more federal money in Pell grants than NPR EVER got? Separation of church & state anyone? Oh, sorry, ABORTION is the budget buster.
Dismantle EPA? Please! I live near several coal fired plants on the Ohio River and near coal mining areas. We have been told since the 1960s that we can't eat fish we catch from the Ohio River! The coal companies are so non-regulated that crap spews out all the time destroying our rivers, streams and water table, and on top of THAT Rand Paul wants to get rid of all mining regulations (even for black lung victims!)
Stop listening to the retired Tea Party lunatics! LISTEN to the rest of us who are still working (hopefully) who are paying the benefits for the Tea Party (and for YOU who is getting the financial benefit of Big Government) and STOP listening to the Koch Brothers and Big Business.
There are a lot more of us who are paying YOUR salary and bills.
Actually, should the federal government shut down, I don't think I'll notice any difference since I don't see any federal government for me anymore other than collecting taxes to pay for stuff that other people get a benefit from (like Bush/Cheney buddy military contractors who have NO oversight and don't pay taxes).
Thank you so much, NOT.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Crushing Debt"

Tea Party, Boehner & GOP keep harping on the "crushing debt for our children and grandchildren". And the TP are gleefully screaming "shut the government down!!!"
Got a question for you eejits!
Who's responsible for the "crushing debt" that I am being held hostage for? I'm a baby boomer who will be 59 years old this year. I've been paying into the Social Security & Medicare since the 1960s (my first job was in high school as a dishwasher for a local restaurant for the extravagant pay of 30 cents an hour!)
And what is the problem you have with funding education??? Is it that you soooo enjoy an ignorant, uneducated, can't think for themselves electorate?
Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.