Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mitch McConnel gets stupid

From Huffington Post:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Announces Opposition To Elena Kagan

All I can say, and I emailed McConnell about this:

Knock it off with this saying no about everything!!!!
I am completely sick and tired of all you obstructionist Republicans claiming to speak for the "American people" when IN FACT you are all against ANYTHING President Obama is trying to accomplish.
I am sick and tired of you people whining about the "socialist" HCR for all Americans (I am a Republican who paid health insurance premiums for decades and had my insurance cut off with NO warning).
I am sick and tired of our Republican "leadership" letting the meme continue that the unemployed are "lazy"...I'll have you know that I have a master's degree and my husband has been a powerline and cable worker for decades but was laid off after restoring power to western Kentucky after the icestorm in 2009 (and he worked 16-18 hour days in below freezing temperatures for more than three weeks with NO days off) and has been looking for work ever since and while YOU are enjoying a PAID holiday weekend, we have only MY minimum wage part-time job to pay our bills.
And neither of us, now in our late 50s, have health insurance because there's no way we can afford it on my part-time income that is hovering around poverty level.
I don't agree with everything that Elena Kagan stands for, but I say that about most people except for YOU! You don't speak for me and not for anyone else I know in Kentucky.
Thanks for NOTHING!
Especially that big stimulus check you brought to Maysville and took photo op credit for even though you voted against the stimulus.
You are a complete fraud.