Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bringing back an older post...

I first posted this back in September 2010 and thought it would be a good idea to bring it back up top now, given that the GOP clown car field are trying to out Christian each other.

I give you Paul Harvey's Letter from God:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forget about the racist card, Cain pulls the victim card...

(image from and I encourage EVERYONE to visit that blog!)

After trying to play the “I do not recall” explanation, then changing his “recollection” almost hour by hour while, at the same time, pulling the “racist card”, Herman Cain finds himself sinking into a swamp of his own making without even water wings to help.
What to do? What to do???
Take a page from Sarah Palin's playbook! Pull out that tattered, dog-eared and soiled “victim card”!
YES! He admits there was one, maybe two “incidents” back in the 90s, but HE is the victim because some nefarious political opponent camp is daring to SMEAR him with FACTS!.
How low can someone go when they have to rely on actual facts to “smear” such a sterling and totally qualified candidate for President?
Here's your modern day GOP!
Hey Herman (can I call ya “Herb”?), welcome to the Major Leagues!
Worst of all this was the attempt to throw poor Mrs. Cain to the Fox “News” wolves to mitigate this disaster.
Fox would have been Mrs. Cain's easiest interviews.
Apparently, Mrs. Cain has standards that she won't throw out the window for the sake of a book tour masquerading as a bona fide Presidential campaign, so she has canceled the scheduled interview with Greta the Sarah Palin BFF.
Good for you, Mrs. Cain!