Friday, October 14, 2011

The GOP first team

Good grief, what do we have to work with?
Herman Cain is at the top with his Pizza King experience (how much do those employees make and do any of them have a good retirement plan?) and THEN this completely stupid SimCity 9-9-9 tax plan?
THAT'S the best the GOP has right now?
Oh wait! There's Mitt Romney! He was FOR things before he was against them. And apparently he, along with the only sane GOP candidate Huntsman, is a Mormon who's religious tenets call for taking over governments and baptizing Holocaust victims after the fact AND also have all Mormon women being "validated" by their husbands and fathers before they can be accepted into "eternal life" after death. I won't hold my breath...
And then there's Michele "crazy eyes" Bachmann who makes NO SENSE at all but her husband does a great job as her stylist and praying away the gay.
Rick Santorum? Oh, puleeze... what a douche.
Newt Gingrich just wants to sell his books and parade his third trophy wife until SHE gets cancer and then he can find a new one. And, REALLY? Her name is Callista? How Roman society can we go with THAT joke?
Ron Paul... the perennial non-candidate. Good grief, you don't represent the real people, give it up already!
OK, there's Perry, the Christian in name only whose wife is now the victimista in the name of Christianity and motherhood that was formerly known as Sarah Palin!
What a bunch of jokers.
Only thing that would make this more fun is if Sarah the Error Palin would toss her hair into the hat.