Monday, September 19, 2011

Omigawd! Class Warfare!

Omigawd! Class Warfare!
The corporate apologists, also known as the Republican leadership and minions in DC, are all aflutter and swooning with the vapors over President Obama's hard line stance on the jobs bill.

Let's recap, shall we?
Increase taxes on the wealthy?
But we're "job creators"! We can't create the minimum wage (or less) jobs if we have to pay taxes, give us a freakin' break!
After all, St. Leona Helmsley (bless her tiny, shriveled, dead heart) had already decreed that taxes are for the "little people", not people like us.
Tax our private jets?
Excuse, me! I should be forced to mingle with the sweaty, grumpy, TSA groped common people? I don't think so! And I shouldn't have to pay extra just to not have to listen to that grumbling.
We're job creators (redux)!
Those whiners should be grateful to have the opportunity to work for me for low wages, no safe work environment and no benefits. If one job isn't enough, get a second one! Put your otherwise worthless children to work, too. There's a reason why we insist those fetuses be protected! We need that cheap labor (and eventually cannon fodder) and we need those taxes they pay (and yes, we know they pay taxes even though publicly we bold-face lie and say they don't).

I read at the UK Daily Mail today that the American middle class is being "attacked" with this jobs bill. The American middle class at the DM is apparently defined as any single person making more than $200,000 a year and a married couple making more than $250,000. Wow! I know just a handful of people who are that definition of "middle class". Most people I know make $50,000 or less (and most of them make $25,000 or less).
The thing that these Republican economic brainiacs still haven't figured out is that our economy is consumer driven. When the average family is just trying to fuel their vehicle to get to work, put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, there is no disposable income left to drive the consumer demand economy.
I haven't bought a new vehicle since the 1980s because I refuse to take out a car loan for a piece of locomotion that costs more than my house and loses value the minute I sign the loan papers and drive it off the lot. I would adore to have a new vehicle, but with the Republicans holding the economy hostage, I don't take on any debt. And, by the time I have enough saved up to buy a new vehicle outright, shit happens. Actually, I pretty much could do that right now, except my water heater quit working over the weekend and I've gotten rather fond of having hot water on tap, elitist that I am, so I spent $400 on a new water heater. Who knows when the next emergency purchase will pop up? Nice to have some money socked away instead of having to load up a credit card.
Oh, and unemployment benefits fuel local economies. Small businesses like grocery stores, gas stations, and other local mom and pop businesses. Too bad, so sad that THOSE small businesses aren't too big to fail.

So, here's the deal you "job creators" screaming class warfare: as soon as you stop thinking of the 99% of us "little people" as a disposable commodity and the "class enemy", we'll start taking you seriously.

In the meantime, clutch your pearls, take your "class warfare", and runaway to hide in your gated communities.
We're really not that much into you anymore.

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