Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birth Certificate insanity

I am soooo tired of this Obama birth certificate insanity.
Some states have legislation in progress that will require an ORIGINAL birth certificate for anyone running for president in 2012.
Guess what?
NO ONE will be able to produce an ORIGINAL birth certificate!
I was born during the Truman administration and my parents didn't get an ORIGINAL birth certificate for me because there is only ONE original birth certificate, and THAT is filed with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services (aka Bureau of Vital Statistics).
I do remember seeing an early copy of my birth certificate... it was a white on black microfiche copy with a raised seal on it (much like a notary seal). That copy has been lost lo these many decades. What I have gotten from Kentucky when needed (ie for my passport and subsequent passport renewals) has been something very similar to what President Obama produced.
There are NO footprints. No doctor's name. No hospital (although I do know I was born at the Ft. Campbell military hospital, but my official, legal, BC just says Ft. Campbell). None of the tiny detritus the birthers demand.
For transparency, I do recall a certificate that indicated that I had silver nitrate applied to my eyes at birth (apparently back then, silver nitrate was a precaution against some sort of Neonatal conjunctivitis that is caused by an infection with bacteria or viruses can be very serious. The most common bacterial infections that can cause serious eye damage are gonorrhea (Neisseria gonorrhea) and chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis), which can be passed from mother to child during birth.) Maybe they still do it, I don't know. But that might have been on the commemorative hospital thing. Who knows? It's not on my legal birth certificate copy that I now have.
Poor me! I can never run for president because I don't have some sort of "long form" ORIGINAL birth certificate.
And no one else in America has one either.
Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Orley Taitz and the rest of you crazy people... sit down and STFU.

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