Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smug asses

Well, McConnell, Paul, and the rest of you asshats who are rich...so happy (not) for you to get a five week vacation while you are so gleeful about screwing the American workers and those who have lost their jobs and homes since GWB and as a result of the machinations of your corporate sponsors.

I do indeed understand you will enjoy your vacation ... while the rest of us who do indeed work do NOT get those vacations ... and the rest you call slackers because they refuse to take minimum wage (or less!) without benefits.

Hey! How about y'all work for minimum wage with no benefits like you think we should be grateful to get? You hate "big government" put your money where you big flapping mouths are! Work for minimum wage and no benefits.

That's what I work for. And I pay taxes (making less than $15,000 a year). I pay federal taxes (income, SS, Medicare, and self-employment), Kentucky state income taxes. I'm fortunate that my spouse got one of those stimulus jobs that you insist that not ONE job was created... but spouse got one and, after 10 years, we have employer-provided health insurance but it costs us $600 a month plus a huge deductible and co-pays. Bet YOU don't have anything close to THAT!

ALSO! I am sick and tired of hearing about these rich "job creators". Where the hell have they been since 2002? They haven't created a single job, just hoarding more and more money (just like YOU!)

STFU about how you got the WIN on this deal. You got the deal for YOU and your corporate masters, not for us who pay your salary, benefits and pension.

How are you going to get that when you put us working class out of work?

Oh, and the economy? I have a savings account at my locally-owned bank. They have an "interest calculator" that uses 5% as the default on the calculator. I haven't seen 5% interest on a savings account since the 60s/70s. My savings account interest right now is 0.1% annual. I should be thankful for THAT???

I won't hold my breath.

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