Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Susan G. Komen is the newest death panel.. come on down!

Image courtesy and my many thanks to AzureGost!

This is just un-freaking believable, or maybe not...
The Susan G. Komen pink ribbon multi-merchandising and get peeps to walk for breast cancer and SEND THEM MONEY to pay their executives (and they are also some sort of job creators maybe or not...) just cut off breast cancer screening funding to Planned Parenthood!
Why you might ask?
Planned Parenthood provides affordable breast cancer, cervical cancer and general women's reproductive healthcare (including contraceptives) to women who have no health insurance.
But apparently PP is under federal investigation for providing abortions! (let's clutch our pearls!) There's more (and it's VERY shady on the Komen side) but it's late for me, so I'll add more after I have some sleep...
**full disclosure**
I was without health insurance most of my life until I married in my mid-20s back in the 1970s. PP was my ONLY healthcare provider for women's health issues until then and they literally saved my life, but that's another story.
Back to the story at hand and some links before tomorrow's update...
Some links:
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