Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Here's to the Union workers!

Here's to the Union workers and the Stimulus!
Teabaggers are all over the lazy over-paid Union workers and keep moaning about how the Stimulus is a complete failure.
Well, here's a large dose of TRUTH!
You folks on the East Coast who lost power during Hurricane Irene? Lost power during the Halloween October 2011 winter storm? Lost power this weekend?
You think you are entitled to flip a switch and power should just be there?
Where do you think that comes from?

You want someone paid minimum wage to do THIS job to keep your power back on?

Or this?

Can you even fix THIS by yourself. or even with help from neighbors?

Don't think so.

Here's to the IBEW men & women who keep our power going and get out there in all sorts of weather to get it back soon as they can despite all bad conditions.

Which brings me to the Stimulus, which trained many line workers and more line workers are needed.
Jobs are out there and power linework pays well in more ways than just money.
Spouse's best part of the job is getting that power back on, especially in rural areas that are usually end of the line. And particularly when residents come out with cups of hot coffee or chocolate, sandwiches, and heartfelt thanks.

We're all in this together.

Too bad the teabaggers make it us against them.

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